Swop & Save

Swop & Save – Ice Cream

As it’s officially summer (although you couldn’t tell by the weather right now), here’s some swop and save tips for your favourite frozen treat – ice cream!

Although I don’t have much of a sweet tooth I’m not one to turn down an ice cream on a hot summers day. Or a g&t for that matter.

I’ve done a video blog comparing the cost of some summer favourite HERE, but in case you don’t fancy listening to me natter on here’s a run down…

Classic ice creams like a Feast or a Magnum are going to cost you between £200 – £300 each, which, when you’ve got £2,000 a day to spend isn’t to bad. Ice Cream Comparison .png

Slightly cheaper you’ve got the Cornetto coming in at £161. This one’s strawberry flavour, the chocolate one is going to cost just a little more at £172.

HOWEVER…in comparison, if go for a more fruity option such as a Fruit Pastille ice pop, that’s only going to set you be £60! That’s more than a £100 saving compared to the Cornetto!

Basically you could just about have a Fruit Pastille PLUS a banana or a Kit Kat for the same price as the Cornetto = getting more for you money.

The biggest bargain though has got to be the classic Mini Milk coming in at only £30! Absolute bargain! You could have 2 Mini Milks for the cost of a Fruit Pastille, or 5 Mini Milks for the cost of a Cornetto. Who knew!?

Whatever you want to go for just take a look at the calorie cost first, you might be surprised at how much more you can get for you cash just by comparing.

Happy shopping!

If you haven’t yet take a look at the intro video HERE explaining more about the Shop and You Drop concept.

For more money saving tips, there’s a blog on coffee HERE!

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