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Swop & Save – Coleslaw

With BBQ season beginning it’s not just the burgers and hot-dogs that can come with a big price tag, it’s those seemingly low-cost ‘salad’ sides too.

I love a good BBQ (who doesn’t?!) and I love having a big selection of summery sides to go along with the main event. But we don’t often realise how much those delicious salads and sauces are costing us out of our daily budget.

Here’s where reading the T&C’s comes in – if you have read Shop and You Drop just yet (why the hell not?!) then this basically means knowing how to properly read the labels on food so you know exactly what you’re spending.

Really quick version is…

  1. Make sure you look at the calorie cost – of course
  2. Most importantly make sure you read the serving size that the cost is referring to!

One of my favourite BBQ sides is coleslaw, especially straight from the fridge. It’s got to be cold and crispy.

Here’s a picture of two different coleslaw’s, luckily both

Swop & Save_Coleslaw.pngcalorie costs are referring to the same portion size – 50 grams.

(It gets more complicated when you’re comparing the cost of two products but one’s referring to, say, 50 grams and the other, 70 grams.)


As you can see, the coleslaw on the right is DOUBLE the price of the coleslaw on the left! Or in other words – the one on the left is half price. Happy days.



This means you can have the same amount of the left-hand coleslaw for half the price.

Or you can have double the amount of the one on the left for the same price as the one on the right!

Totally up to you how you want to look at it.

I love the stuff so I’d go for double the amount for the same price.

So, when you’re out BBQ shopping the next time the sun’s shining, make sure you take a look at the calorie cost of those everyday favourites and see just how much more you can get for your money.

*I should also say that both are totally delicious, but come with very different real-life price tags too – the reduced fat cheaper version is from Lidl and just 60p (from memory) for a large 500g pot. The luxury version on the right is from the Co-op and came in a 300g pack and cost £1.09! So not only does the version on the left cost you less in calories, it costs you a lot less in real cash too!

Happy shopping!

**Remember, when we’re talking about £’s we’re talking about Calories – on average ladies you get paid £2,000 a day to go shopping with, and gents get £2,500. Take a look at our INTRO VIDEO – HERE

You can also order your Shop and You Drop book from Amazon as a paperback or e-book! Take a peek HERE for more info

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