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Swop & Save – Eggs

*Remember, when we’re talking about £’s we’re talking about Calories – on average ladies you get paid £2,000 a day to go shopping with, and gents get £2,500. Find out more HERE.


Eggs are a staple part of a lot of people’s diets – fried eggs, omelettes, with soldiers, in cakes!

Here’s a really simply way to save a lot of calorie cash on those little balls of deliciousness…

A large egg will cost you around £100; but £85 of that comes just from the egg yolk and an egg white costs only £15!

That’s right – £15!

So, when it comes to your morning scrambled eggs on toast, or cheeky evening omelette it’s really easy to save a lot of money by swopping some of your whole eggs just for the whites.

Here’s a great example –Swop & Save_Eggs.png

Three whole scrambled eggs on one slice of toast = £400

Three scrambled egg whites on toast = £145

That’s a massive saving of £255!!

Or, if you don’t want to miss out the yolks completely (which is usually how I like my eggs in the morning), how about –

One whole egg and two egg whites on toast = £230

That’s still a great saving of £170 from your daily budget that you can spend on something else and enjoy eating more.

How ‘egg’-cellent is that! (Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.)


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Want some more Swop & Save ideas? Here’s one for Rice!


**All calories costs are averages and will vary depending on the size and make of the different foods. Remember too, if you add extras such as tomato sauce, milk, butter or whatever you fancy you’ll need to consider those additional costs too.

Happy shopping!

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