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Hello Amazon!

Today is a pretty big day – today I woke up and I actually have a book on Amazon. (There’s something I never thought I’d say.)

Shop and You Drop is a complete labour of love, and tears, and love, and stress, but most of all love. People say that everyone has a book in them but I never really thought that included me for some reason. It was something other people did.

But clicking that refresh button and seeing it appear there, for all the world to see, it’s probably one of the most surreal moments (along with walking down the aisle) of my life.

SAYD Kindle Cover.png

And I’m not going to lie, it was frickin terrifying!


Like really, really scary. I wasn’t expecting that at all – I thought it would be fun and exciting, but nope. I just felt complete fear!

Really putting your heart out for the world to see (and to judge) is always going to be a scary thing I guess, but I’m so glad I clicked that big yellow ‘Publish’ button.

The whole point of the book is to share an idea with people in the hope that it will make them happier! It’s certainly made me happier for so many reasons, and I want others to feel that too.

That freedom that it brings, and the fun – because saving money and losing weight can actually be bloody fun. Crazy I know but it’s true!

Anyway, a big thank you to everyone who’s given me so much support to help me reach this point, and if you do want to take a look, and hopefully a read, you can find it (in all its glory!) HERE

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